Body Connection Scoliosis Campaign

This video is a campaign project of Body Connection, a pilates studio, that tells a story about a teenage girl with scoliosis whose dream is to be a ballerina. Despite the limitations of her body and being belittled by her ballet crew, she keeps on pushing her limit, sticking to what she believes in and is finally able to dance on stage as the main ballerina.
we truly believe that we will always be able to reach our dreams as long as we never give up. And through this video, I’m asking the people who have scoliosis to keep on believing in their dreams, letting them know that they too can achieve theirs if they keep on trying, believe in yourself and let your body meet your mind.

Directed by Dedy.Cy.Huang
Assisted by Bella Kusuma, Monica Karina
Camera Person by Anthony Setiawan, Gilbert March
Soundman by Pandu Mattias
Make up artis Astrid Marcella
Shot with BMCC 2.5k